Welcome to the Santa Clarita Valley Enterprise Zone Online Vouchering System

This online system will allow you to complete an application to obtain an Enterprise Zone Hiring Tax Credit. You will be able to upload your supporting documentation as well as submit payment for the application electronically. It will also allow you to track your application and obtain your voucher certificate faster.

Is your business in an
Enterprise Zone?

The Enterprise Zone (EZ) Tax Credit was established by the State of California to provide businesses the opportunity to create additional jobs, access more resources, and increase overall profitability through tax savings. The tax credit can save employers up to $37,440 per qualified employee. Incredibly, fewer than 15% of qualified businesses know about - much less - take advantage of this tremendous incentive. The EZ tax credit can significantly add to your company's bottom line, making it a smart way to grow your business!

Other features of the
Enterprise Zone Credits:

  • Sales & Use Tax Credit
  • Business Expense Deduction
  • Net Interest Deduction for Lenders

You are eligible to capture the tax credit by virtue of your location, regardless of business type, the number of people you employ, or your years of operation.